Monday, 20 March 2017

Stories from the Sewing Box Day School with Ali Ferguson

This day school took place on 16th March, thanks to Meg Woomble for telling  us about it.
Preparing for  Ali Ferguson's Scrappy Sampler Dayschool provided me with hours of nostalgia! Looking through Granny's button box and finding buttons from my old dresses, her workbox with bits of lace, a 'mending kit for stockings' and other such memories, set the scene for a most enjoyable day. Ali herself, provided lots of wonderful materials - vintage fabrics, paper patterns, brown parcel paper , tape- and even the use of an old typewriter! Time spent  hand stitching  the pieces onto our blanket  gave us  a relaxing afternoon, culminating in a display of beautiful blankets with memories and nostalgia in abundance!

Tea in the Garden Day School with Moira Dickson

On 16th February Moira Dickson took this day school. Description to follow.....

Monday, 13 March 2017

Something Completely Different - Painting on Feathers

This year our committee have given us some talks and demonstrations that stray from the usual variations on stitching. Some of the skills we have seen have certainly stretched our boundaries, and this talk was no exception. Rosemary Storm has been painting on feathers for many years, and brought along a comprehensive display of her work. She explained how she got into it, how she collects her feathers and the great variety of bird feathers she uses. She prepares the feathers by spraying them with anti-mite spray, that is all the preparation required, and the finished works do not need any varnish to protect them. Rosemary works in acrylic paint, and after painting a white silhouette of her subject onto the feather, she then builds up the painting in layers. She paints birds, other animals, and commissions, one of which was a pheasant feather painted on a feather!All the paintings are of course miniatures, a skill in itself.

She then invited one of the audience to paint alongside her, which offer I took up, and we painted blue tit together. While this was going on her husband Jim gave an interesting talk about the properties of bird feathers and he had had many display boards of beautiful feathers from around the world.It was a very interesting talk, an example of the kind of art you don't see very often, and was much enjoyed by everyone.

Rosemary can be contacted at
the raw materials

the blue tit I painted along with Rosemary