Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Nuno Felting Dayschool - 7th April 2016

Members of AETA enjoyed a Nuno felting Dayschool with tutor Maureen Shepherd. The morning was spent adding felt to a silk chiffon scarf using Merino wool tops and other embellishments, such as silk tops, ribbon cotton and silk threads. These were worked into the scarf by rolling it up like a sausage in bubble wrap and rolling until it ruched and felted. The rubbing, rolling and throwing involved in the production required a great deal of energy! It was then rinsed in warm water and allowed to dry - and we were allowed to rest! The scarf  shrinks by half. It can be stitched into and decorated.

In the afternoon the technique was different in that the felting was done using an Embellishing machine. Strips of white Merino wool tops were laid onto a white silk chiffon scarf in a pattern. A piece of net was laid on top of the wool to secure it into place before attaching it by means of the Embellishing machine.  Once all the wool was attached and the pattern was complete, the wool was more securely embedded into the scarf, then felted, using the Embellisher. The scarf was then dyed using acid dyes which required steaming to set the colours.