Wednesday, 21 March 2018

'An Embarrassment of Riches' - talk by Louise Collins

A dull afternoon was certainly enriched by Louise Collins's display of textiles. Louise had been a dentist by profession, until fulfilling her heart's desire to study art, gaining a BA in Design and Creativity in 2014. The scope of the projects she had brought along was huge and varied. Keen to recycle, the things she had made from items that would be thrown away was amazing. Old blankets were dyed and distressed and made into jackets, gorgeous bags and clothes. The original pieces of cloth were usually completely unrecognisable in the end result. She made dye from walnut crystals, as seen in the first photo, which looked like an animal print. Old garments had been given a new lease of life, as in the old boxer shorts cut up and dyed and made into a scarf, and the beautiful baby quilt in pastel colours. Old cashmere sweaters from charity shops had been shrunk and made into beautifully soft items. Old curtains were made into a luxurious evening bag. Louise's use of the embellisher machine transformed the items into something special. I loved the knitted wall hanging done from extra thick wool on knitting needles made from cricket stumps! Her sketchbooks were works of art in themselves, a pleasure to thumb through.

The scope of this lady's imagination and skill is breathtaking, there isn't enough room to show all the photos of the diverse things she had made. Louise has a gallery in Kinnaird, by Pitlochry, called Mariposa, which would be well worth a visit. She can be contacted at

Louise will be holding a day school in April, and this talk has really enthused the ladies who will be attending - what possibilities!
Blanket dyed with walnut crystals

Scarf made from boxer shorts

quilt from recycled fabrics

Knitting on cricket stumps!

Jute wall hanging

recycled fabrics

Evening bag from old curtains and items from shrunk cashmere jumpers

digital print

close up of the jute wall hanging

Saturday, 17 March 2018

'Photo Magic' with Jean Boath, Day School

A day school held on March 15th, where the ladies could stitch onto photos printed on fabric.  Jean had brought along a large selection of photos she had printed on to fabric for each person to choose. Using a Trapunto style, the fabric was laid onto a piece of cotton wadding, and the focal points were outlined in machine stitch. Then the back was cut open and more wadding added to raise the surface. Then the ladies could free machine to their heart's content to embellish and decorate their picture. The results looks look amazing!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Talk on Wednesday 7th March Postponed

Unfortunately we have had to postpone Louise Collins' talk, 'An embarrassment of Riches', which was schedule for 7th March. Due to the awful snowy weather the car park at Guthrie Hall is a complete morass, and vehicle will only churn up the earth or even worse, get stuck in the mud.

The talk has been rescheduled for  Wednesday 21st March, and will replace the Stitch and Chat.

Hope everyone has got through the awful weather safely - a good excuse to sit by the fire and stitch!