Programme for 2016/2017

AETA Programme for 2016/2017  

Wed 7th September 2016         Start of the session with Afternoon Tea
                                                  Bring some of your summer projects for us to see.

Wed 14th September                Talk by Aileen Ogilvie -  “My Journey with Glass”

Wed 21st September                Talk by Margaret Stanford  - “What’s going on in my head”

Wed 5th October                       Talk by Maggie Moffat - “Design & Fabric Embellishment” 

Thurs 13th October                   Day school with Morag Gray  -   “Reverse Appliqué “

Wed 19th October                    “Stitch and chat”

Wed 2nd November                 “Stitch and chat”

Wed 9th  November                 Talk by Philippa Johnston - “Recycled tins and textiles”

Thurs  17th November              Day school with Jenny Blair — A Weaving  Workshop                                            

Wed 30th November                “Stitch and Chat”

Wed 7th December                  Christmas lunch at Colliston

Wed 11th January 2017           Watching DVD — Ineke Berlin - Inspired Lutradur

Thurs 19th January                   Day school  with Philippa Johnston 
                                                  “Adventures with recycled tin and textiles”

Wed 25th January                    “Stitch and Chat”

Wed 8th February                    Talk by Karen Haggis - “Nepalese Textiles”

Thurs 16th February                 Day school with Moira Dickson
                                                “ Tea in the Garden”  Small hand embroidered panel

Wed 22nd February                  “Stitch and Chat”

Wed 8th March                         Talk by Jim & Rosemary Storm  “Feather Finesse” 

Thurs 16th March                      Day school with Ali Ferguson
                                                  “Stories from the sewing box”- a scrappy sampler

Wed 22nd March                       “Stitch and Chat”

Wed 5th April                             “Stitch and chat”

Thursday 13th April                  Day school with Linda McKeen
                                                  “ Artists Books”

Wed 19th April                           AGM

AETA   -   Day School Descriptions 2016/17

REV UP FOR REVERSE APPLIQUÉ      Morag Gray       Maximum number 16
Thursday 13th October 2016
Create an attractive laptop/ipad/cushion cover using machine stitched reverse appliqué to layer up fabrics and cut back to reveal exciting colours hidden beneath, bold geometric shapes.

WEAVING WORKSHOP -WALL PANEL  Jenny Blair       Maximum number 14
Thursday 17th November 2016
Learn some traditional and simple weaving techniques, along with some fancy ones too. Experiment and play with these techniques to create a unique and texture filled wall hanging

Thursday 19th January 2017    Maximum number 10
Explore possibilities of the humble biscuit tin as a medium, and how you can combine it with other recycled materials. make your own folk art bird or heart hanging decoration out of tin, and embellish it with fabric, beads, buttons, wire etc. Incorporating tin into your textile and embroidery pieces will also be shown.

Thursday 16th February 2017 Maximum number 16
The day will be spent producing a small hand embroidered panel or a selection of samples. made from bits of cotton, vintage embroidered pieces, and old lace. A Transfer pencil will be used to add further lines and text to the work. Inspiration will be from embroidered designs on old tea cloths, and china tea sets.

Thursday 16th March 2017  Maximum number 16
Using an old blanket as a starting point you will piece together a background from brown parcel paper, old magazine paper, vintage fabrics, old table linens, pattern paper and more. You will then add pattern using vintage haberdashery- tape measures, buttons, safety pins, or whatever else you have. then start lovely process of slow hand stitching.

MAKING ARTISTS BOOKS        Linda McKeen          Maximum number 16
Thursday 13th April 2017

The morning will be spent painting, printing, stamping and texturing various papers. These will then be made into folded, stitched, and glued books to showcase your creative skills. Words, fabric, and stitch, will be added. Each participant will take home 6 - 8 finished books.

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