Wednesday, 5 October 2016

'Design and Embellishment' by Maggie Moffat

Maggie Moffat wears two hats, and very beautiful her hats are too! Part of the time she is a piano teacher, and her alter ego makes stunning costumes for theatrical productions.  Maggie has a masters degree, and brought her exquisite sketchbooks along, full of incredibly neat and detailed drawings, showing where her inspiration comes from, and how she develops the ideas for the fantastical costumes she designs. She had brought along some of the garments which had been worn in a production about Edward Lear, a gorgeous turquoise and sea foam coloured floaty gown for the Jumblie who went to Sea in a Sieve, complete with cloak and hat. There was a stunning sexy autumn and black dress for the wicked stepmother in Snow White, complete with antlers and leafy hat. The hats were to die for, I do mourn the passing of the extravagant Edwardian hats, would just love to wear them, and Maggie's hats certainly fed that desire. A gorgeous pink striped gown was one based on Lust from a show of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Maggie loves texture, and every surface of her work was embellished heavily with embroidery, beads, lace and clever use of unusual materials for effects. It was very exciting to see the journey from the lovely drawings to the stunning and whimsical costumes, and made us think how far we could take our textile art with a bit of imagination and experimentation.

Maggie's degree sketchbook

Four photos of the Wicked Stepmother's Gorgeous Autumn dress and head dress

Working out ideas and textures

the Jumblie's Cloak

'Lust' from the Seven Deadly Sins

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  1. very enjoyable talk. Outfits were quite spectacular.